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Reader: Mile High Club? Inner kinks? Half-naked cheerleaders? What's with sex obsession?

Our post yesterday about the security response apparently related to Frontier airline passengers trying to join the Mile High Club on the 9/11 anniversary (we've now learned air sickness was the actual spur) drew quite the reaction from one reader, who thinks we're just a leeetle too obsessed with sex. Here's his take.

Nuts for Westword writes:

What in the name of Long Dong Silver is going on at Westword? Far as I can tell, the "Latest Word" at Westword is SEX. Get your freak on? Discover your inner-kinks? Slide shows of a 'sexy bandit'? Half naked cheerleaders? The Mile High Club? Dang -- if I didn't know better, I'd have thought Larry Flynt had taken over the editor chair at the "Latest Word." Go 'on with your bad selves!

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