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Reader: Native American Mascots Are Tributes to Tribes, Not Insults

Hundreds of people have weighed in so far on our post about a bill proposing $25,000 monthly fines against schools that refuse to eliminate Native American mascots deemed offensive.

Opinions vary widely in the comment section, with some of those who responded backing the proposal and others denigrating it.

This reader falls into the latter category and rejects the theory that Native Americans should be insulted by such mascots.

Here's what she had to say.

Shannon Moon Lambert writes:
We need to be putting more money INTO schools!! Not taking it out!! And that is the STUPIDEST bill I've EVER heard of! These mascots are in homage to these tribes, it's a positive thing! Why all this PC crap is taken so far out of line is one of this country's BIGGEST problems/mistakes.
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