Reader: Not everyone who goes to a megachurch is a weirdo lemming

As a tie-in to this week's feature article, "The Prodigal Pastor," Alan Prendergast wrote about Colorado's seven biggest megachurches. Unsurprisingly, the latter topic inspired many folks to denigrate such jumbo institutions. But there were also numerous defenders, including this reader.

nickbrown79 writes:

For all of you posting and bashing these "mega churches" and the people who attend -- I'd guarantee that you have at least a couple friends that go to one of these churches. And I bet they aren't crazy weirdo lemmings that so many people state they are.

Will you find a couple weirdos? Probably. But the majority of the people that attend are normal, smart, productive, successful pillars of their communities. The whole "people who go to church are stupid" rant is getting tired.

Sometimes things that are conspicuously missing go unnoticed, but I think you'll realize that us weirdo Christians aren't calling you names or degrading your beliefs or insulting your intelligence like your side so very much likes to do.

Riddle me this -- when was the last argument you won by calling the other person an idiot. When was the last time insulting someone's intelligence got the response of "oh wow, thanks for showing me my stupidity. I'm changing my opinion." So why does your side feel the need to constantly make fun of us or bash our beliefs? Do you expect some sort of change to occur by repeating the same thing over and over? Or is it that you aren't trying to win the argument at all. And if that's the case, then the only other reasonable explanation for your comments would be to just spew hateful things. And that makes you no better than someone who picks on other people for no reason.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.