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Reader: Only an idiot would try to roll a joint with hemp

Melanie Asmar's post about the final Colorado hemp regulations inspired a wide variety of comments: some celebratory, some accusatory. Additionally, one reader wondered why the state is bothering to test hemp when it has a negligible amount of the psychotactive ingredient in marijuana....

bo001 writes:

I have to wonder...WHAT is their mind set??? Why do they think *anyone* is going to do anything with Hemp but use it industrially??? Having hemp with 2, 3 even 5 or 6 percent THC....SO WHAT?? There's 20-25% (and more!) recreational Cannabis available everywhere in the State, so why would anyone bother with hemp? The ultimate question is, "WHY are they so afraid of anyone getting "high"?? Again, isn't that an individual choice?? Your *actions* in the public are certainly of concern....Why don't the legislature regulate that?? Oh, wait...They already have. It's called the CRS. This insane "Reefer Madness" campaign needs to end. There is nothing wrong with hemp of *any* trivial amount of don't have to analyze it and test it and spend millions making sure some idiot somewhere doesn't try to roll a joint of hemp.... You don't need to regulate the agriculture crop like NO other crop..... You don't need to make the regulations so onerous that farmers are LEAVING the concept in droves, fearing the governments actions....

Unless, of course your real intent is to just regulate *everything*....*everywhere*...RFID chip, anyone???

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