Reader: Peyton Manning gives Broncos fans more reasons to believe than Tim Tebow did

Our post about the Broncos' come-from-behind win over San Diego noted that Peyton Manning and his teammates seemed more in sync in the second half than during previous losses to Atlanta, Houston and New England. But one reader argues Manning played well in those games, too -- and that to suggest otherwise is evidence of being in thrall to The Chosen One.

Juan Leg writes:

Come on Roberts .

You can't keep jumping on and off the Peyton Bandwagon!!!

Even in losses , his numbers have been GREAT!

There are many variables that MUST come together for a team to be successful & Denver has only begun to address these issues. We are 3-3 , which would be 1-5, at BEST, if we were still fielding Teblows! Especially w/ the NFL's 2nd toughest schedule !

Am I saying the Broncos are going to, much less winning, the Super Bowl this year? No way . But it's okay for fans to AGAIN have a REAL reason to be excited about football in Colorado .

We WILL make the post season this year, (where Peyton has struggled for the most part), w/ sights legitimately on another championship in Denver w/i the span of his four year contract .

Fox, as a head coach, is like 47-3 (or something like that) when his offense has scored 26 or more points. How often is Peyton held 30 pts a season? Not to mention this is by FAR the weakest division he has EVER had to compete against .

It leads me to ask, do you or have you EVER wore or owned a Teblow jersey???

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.