Reader: Polyamory can be tricky ground to navigate

In our current cover story, "Big, Big Love," Jenn Wohletz profiles one big, happy, polyamorous family: Reggie, Eeza Alexander and Cassiday, who all share a home -- and a California king-sized bed -- in Denver. But polyamory is not all sexual fun and games, she reports. The more people in a relationship, the more...conversation.

And that's to maneuver daily life. Imagine Valentine's Day!

But all that talk can be worth it, according to Griff2:

After 15 years of marriage, my wife and I unexpectedly found ourselves with an opportunity to have another woman join us as a polyfidelitous triad. We had a great relationship (while it lasted). The benefits were numerous and the experience of having two loving partners was unbelievable. Unlike the family in this story, our relationship was even all the way around (each of us loved the other two similarly.)

But make no mistake, it's very tricky ground to navigate. With only 3 people, there are now 4 relationships to nurture instead of 1 (the 3 pairs and 1 triad). Ultimately, jealousy ended our relationship, but with the right people it can work out splendidly and I think it's a much better arrangement than a traditional couple. There are more people like us out there than you might imagine!

And how was your Valentine's Day? From our archives: "Kink of the jungle: A field guide to Denver's wild side."

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