Reader: Probably Hundreds Have Died From Marijuana Overdoses

We recently shared the latest report about marijuana legalization in Colorado from the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, an anti-pot organization that receives federal funding.

The group cobbled together stats meant to portray Colorado's marijuana policies as a societal disaster that's wreaking more havoc with each passing day.

Most readers viewed this War on Drugs-era approach as highly dubious.

Take the respondent who reacted to information about the allegedly rising number of marijuana-related hospitalization with a tongue-in-cheek post that had other readers wondering if he was serious or celebrating his sense of humor.

Here's the exchange.

Nathanael Mulder writes:

In all those hospitalizations, I wonder how many of them died from marijuana overdoses? I bet like 50%. Probably hundreds died from marijuana overdoses.

Lance Osburn writes:

Cannabis = 0. Zero.

Dana Thompson writes:

Oh god, I hope this is sarcasm.

Aaron Patterson writes:

It obviously is sarcasm... And quite funny!

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