Reader: Queen Soopers helps indoctrinate Mistress Minka's submissive sex-slave sluts

The King Soopers at 9th and Corona was recently remodeled -- and last week, we staged a contest in which we asked readers to share their favorite memories of the Denver landmark. The contest ended last Thursday, but comments keep rolling in -- including the following twisted tribute to the queeny side of this King.

Mistress Minka writes:

I have taken all my submissive sissy sex slave sluts into the "Queen" as part of their ritual becoming my possessions over the last 15 years. I have them dressed in tight female outfits which leave little to the imagination from school girls, whores, nurses, and other sexy bitches. They are in a sexy wig with make up, visible lingerie (stockings, corsets, garter belts, pushup and shelf bras, g-strings, satin gloves, micro-mini skirts, shortened leotard tops), jeweled collars, masks, gaudy earrings, boots of some kind, and always very, very short skirts which barely cover their harnessed cocks and balls which I have attached to a leash which I lead them with. These former "men" go through this experience at least a few to several times each to further tie them to me and ensure their eternal devoted loyalty and slavery to their mistress, which is me in their training and other mistresses afterwords. I have loved seeing others looking at them with big smiles or gaping gasps, followed by peeks to espy their bare clean shaven derrieres or cocks. Many women compliment their apparel, and often want to feel them out, taking off the sissies' bras to further inspect them. We always get some tasty food for the meal to be made later by the sissy for me. The "Queen" is always a must for me when I want to get my sissies further indoctrinated!

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