Reader: Real Conservatives Should Support Your Right to Use Marijuana
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Reader: Real Conservatives Should Support Your Right to Use Marijuana

In a recent post, we spotlighted the five presidential candidates who received the worst marijuana grades from StopTheDrugWar.org.

The organization bestowed marks on hopefuls from both the Democratic and Republican parties.

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And while the performance of some Dems was mediocre or worse from the authors' perspective, the five that wound up at the bottom of the list were all members of the GOP.

In the view of this reader, their views don't hew to conservative values. Here's what he has to say.

John P. Koury writes:

All of these men style themselves as "conservatives", but an actual conservative believes that the government should only minimally intrude on the individual.

These people are really Nanny-Staters, who believe that they, not you, know what is best for you, and that it is their job to protect you from yourself.

Does that sound like the government you want?

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