Reader: Salt Lake City may be number one gay city, not that anyone there will admit it

Yesterday, Kelsey Whipple took issue with The Advocate naming Salt Lake City America's gayest city, and placing Denver fifteenth.

SLC's placement was debated by a number of our commentators, with one (a Westword contributor) suggesting that it's all a matter of viewpoint.

It's Jenn Again... writes:

Salt Lake City, huh?

I would wholeheartedly agree with SLC being the #1 gayest city IF the judging criteria included "City where married Mormon men who aren't gay sneak off to clubs and city parks, or constantly post ads under Craigslist casual encounters in order to obtain any/all homosexual activity they can, but if you ask them they aren't gay at all...no really not gay...."

If this were a list of the openly gayest cities, then SLC would be riding the bottom.... (Not fond of puns, but in this case....)

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