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Reader: Sarah Jackson's Casa de Paz Proves There Are Good People Out There

Our cover story this week focused on Casa De Paz, a facility founded by Sarah Jackson to house families of undocumented immigrants who are in the Denver Contract Detention Facility — and to help those immigrants after they are released. The story brought some strong responses, including this from Dave: 
After reading the article about Casa De Paz, I thought of the poor staff person at Westword who will have to go through all of the hate letters that are going to flood in. I mean, we are talking about illegal immigrants, and we all know how popular they are with a certain segment of our neighbors.
We could just as well be talking about any number of humans that need help, the elderly, handicapped, accident victims. The people that will spew hate over this story will be one of those in need some day, and I hope they will find the open arms of someone like Sarah Jackson and Ted and Lisa Lytle.

The gist of this article was to show that there are good people out there, but the illegal Mexicans in this article will open the eyes of those who are blind to the need of others. They will open their eyes long enough to find paper and pen and show us how far from decency they have drifted.
Commenters don't need paper and pen, of course. Here's one of the more moderate comments posted in response to the story:
That's all fine and good, but where's the housing for the Colorado residents that are now homeless and being pushed out because of the outrageous cost of rent?
Have you read Chris Walker's story on Casa de Paz? Read it, and then tell us what you think.
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