Reader: Shame on Colorado for Rejecting PTSD as an MMJ Condition

On Wednesday, the Colorado Board of Health rejected a petition to add Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as an acceptable condition for prescribing medical marijuana, citing lack of sufficient scientific evidence to prove the plant's efficacy in treating PTSD. After listening to over twenty veterans, victims of abuse and family members of those afflicted with the disorder — all of whom favored PTSD being added to the approved list — the board voted 6 to 2 against the proposal. Despite a recommendation that PTSD be included from the state's Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Council, which includes Colorado Chief Medical Officer Larry Wolk, multiple members of the board said they could not endorse PTSD's addition without more concrete evidence.

And that's adding insult to injury for so many veterans who insist that marijuana has helped alleviate their PTSD symptoms. Says Joe: 

Shame on CO! This is the last group of people that you want to draw the line in front of and say too effing bad!

Do you think Colorado should add PTSD as an ailment for which medical marijuana can be prescribed? Would you take it to the legislature? Another vote of the people?

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