Marvin Booker.
Marvin Booker.

Reader: Sheriff's officers in Marvin Booker jail death should face manslaughter charges

Manager of Safety Charley Garcia's decision to fire cops in the Michael DeHerrera beating and Denver Diner macing didn't earn officials a free pass from those upset that no criminal charges were filed in the July 2010 jail death of Marvin Booker.

Here's one angry response.

Robert writes:

The video appears to show one officer methodically strangling Mr. Booker. That officer must be charged with manslaughter, and any of his superiors who trained or condoned such conduct should face criminal and civil liability as well. District Attorney Mitch Morrissey must be removed from office immediately for malfeasance and complicity in this murder and others. The City's maladministration has declared that that it holds a prerogative to murder -- the People of Denver (at least some of us) emphatically reject this outrage. Shame on Denver!!!

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