Reader: Shocking Denver-area crimes a good argument for the death penalty

Yesterday's arson-homicides at Fero's Bar & Grill were shocking, and that got our readers typing. One person looking at the terrible crime in the context of Jessica Ridgeway's murder and the Aurora theater shooting sees a strong argument for the ultimate punishment.

Threebang3 writes:

Hey. In light of the rash of horrific crimes in the last few months (James Holmes, Jessica Ridgeway, and now this), anyone care to try and defend the death penalty??? Right now in the Ridgeway and Fero's case the main focus is on the victims -- not the scum that did it. Remember that now, because when these scumbags are caught, then we have to hear all about their bad childhood, how society never gave them a break, how they are railroaded by the cops, how they didn't get a fair trial and on and on....

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