Is Colorado putting the "high" in the Kansas State Highway Patrol?
Is Colorado putting the "high" in the Kansas State Highway Patrol?
Kansas State Highway Patrol

Reader: Thanks to Colorado, You Can Now Get Good Weed in Kansas

At the start of the year, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt started polling law enforcement agencies in his state in an effort to determine how Colorado cannabis was negatively impacting the good people of Kansas. Earlier this month, he finally released the results: "'Legalization' of Marijuana in Colorado: The Impact on Kansas." In short, the report suggests that the quality of cannabis available in the state has improved significantly thanks to Kansas's proximity to Colorado — though Schmidt does not consider that a good thing. Responds Clay: 

 "We've got good weed" used to be one of the biggest lies told in Kansas.
Now the top three are:
1) It's never cold
2) It's never windy
3) I was just helping this sheep over the fence.

Read more comments about Kansas here.

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