Reader: The blue mustang is awesome...and already paid for

"Hip-Hop 101," Joel Warner, February 7

That's a Rap
The first sentence of this article says it all: "Where's Montbello at?" Perhaps an English class — say, 101 — might be helpful.
C. Sean McManus

"Yay or Neigh," Patricia Calhoun, January 31

Nag, Nag, Nag
Happy fifth birthday to "Mustang"! And thanks for throwing such a party for the devil horse in your January 31 cover story, Westword. Matt Chasansky said it best: It may be a badass blue Mustang, "but it's our badass blue Mustang."
Jason Parks

Nice article on the horse at DIA. Also amazing that in all the talk about what it means, its background and the artist's work, you never mention the most obvious symbolism of "Mustang." It is the Denver Bronco.

That's what I immediately thought when I first flew in here a couple of years ago, and that's definitely what I think now that I have lived in this "Go, Broncos" area for a year. "Mustang" says: "You are in Denver bucking Bronco territory. I'm even blue so you can't miss the message."
Richard Wall

DIA has always been a strange place — from the art, location, the politics and the building of it. Most people don't know that the runways had to be built before they were able to keep them from cracking (not to mention that initial baggage software nightmare). That location makes you subject to every weather nightmare (especially wind). I miss Stapleton. I don't know why they need statues and art to begin with. Just a bunch of lefties wanting to spook the place. Good article, by the way.
Chuck Sepers Sr.
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Seriously, most non-art peeps would vote to replace a Picasso with a Bob Ross painting because it was less offensive. Blucifer is a rare piece of artwork that has a backstory, relevance, and actually has had an impact with viewers. I look forward to being welcomed back to Denver by our badass blue horse. We don't need to make our city as vanilla as others.
Andrew Nolte

I don't like that horse, and it creeps me out. I would be happy if they took it out. And the fact that it killed the artist makes it just that much more creepy. I have only been out to the airport to drop someone off, but the whole airport land area has an eerie feeling. It is so barren, and then there is this big blue, red-eyed, evil-looking horse sticking out like a sore thumb.
Brenda Watson

Excellent article. Same for the companion pieces on this. Keep talking about art and its role in life.
Layne Jackson

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