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Reader: There's plenty of blame for bike v. car accidents to go around

In a web extra for this week's feature article, "On a Roll," Sam Levin looked at Denver bicycle v. cars accident statistics. The latest numbers suggest that cars are responsible for such crashes slightly more than 50 percent of the time. But one reader thinks blame is equal in many cases.

Will_ writes:

I walk along the bike designated 16th Avenue to Downtown from Cheesman Park every day, and I can tell you that the blame for accidents goes both ways. As the statistics show, I think motorists shoulder the most, and it not only applies to incidents with bikes, but pedestrians as well. Right of way means nothing to most people driving, and you can see that when those same people ride bikes also. Attitude is to blame for the accidents and near misses (more than anyone out there is willing to admit), until people stop thinking that laws and rules don't apply to them, the accident rates will continue to climb.

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