Reader: This Is What Angry Parents and Anti-Gun Liberals Don't Want to HearEXPAND

Reader: This Is What Angry Parents and Anti-Gun Liberals Don't Want to Hear

Amid the controversy stirred by President Barack Obama's executive action regarding gun control, we learned about a disturbing incident in Trinidad.

A nine-year-old was accidentally shot in the head after he and his younger brother found a loaded gun in the car of a family friend.

Readers commenting on this turn of events split on whether the shooting bolstered the arguments for tighter gun laws or proved that legislation can't prevent every gun-related tragedy.

Here's the take of someone who feels the solution requires more personal action — although she suspects a certain constituency will disagree with her.

Nikki Parkin writes:

What were these kids doing alone in a car and not buckled? Granted they weren't moving, but still, they are in a public place, you don't leave your kids alone to "play" in the car, especially if they can't sit still for more than 5 minutes. This is a case of bad parenting. Teach your kids about gun safety, whether you own a gun or not and you can prevent these incidents from happening. (Cue replies from every angry parent and anti-gun liberal).

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