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Tim Tebow.
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Reader to Tim Tebow Lovers in Denver: "Move the F*ck on Already"

Our post about former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's forthcoming book, Shaken  — the title refers to how he felt about his departure from Denver, among other things — continues to spark a reaction.

So, too, did a note that a petition calling for the Broncos to give Tebow another shot at QB has collected more than 10,000 signatures.

And a lot of the responses weren't especially pro-Timmy.

Indeed, a higher percentage than normal of those not on the Tebow bandwagon weighed in. Here's a representative sampling.

Justin Wisniewski writes:

We have 10,000 idiots in this state. Who would want a QB that can't throw a spiral. A QB that can't win unless the kicker makes a 60 yard field goal. He is a shitty QB which is why he can't find a home. He needs to play receiver.

Robert Collins writes:

Maybe the dork Bronco fans will get a petition going to prevent Tebow from coming to Colorado.

Dean Patterson writes:

The Broncos are too good for novelty gimmick QB's like Teblow, lol the fuck outta here! We take football seriously in this town.

Mike Duran writes:

Some of these Tebow lovers need to heed the advice of a certain Disney Princess I am sure they are all familiar with and, "Let it Go."

Brenda Garcia writes:

Why the eff is this even a discussion? If he was the answer he would have never been let go AND he'd be employed as a QB elsewhere. Move the fuck on already.


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