Tim Tebow's New Book Shaken Deals With Sadness Over Broncos Exit and More

Plenty of Denver Broncos fans would love to see Tim Tebow play quarterback for the team again, as he did during the 2011-2012 season, when he led the squad to the playoffs and an opening-round victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers — the first Denver playoff win since 2005.

Last month, when we reported about a Bring Tebow Back to Denver! petition on, around 2,000 people had signed it.

At this writing, the total has exceeded 10,000 — but neither the Broncos nor any other NFL team has come calling.

Tebow, however, isn't letting this lack of interest keep him down.

He's written a new book, Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life’s Storms, in which he talks about his Christian faith within the context of a football career that hasn't gone the way he hoped.

An excerpt reads:
“Was my identity found in those highs when we were making a playoff run? No. Was my identity found a year later when I was being let go? No. I was excited, proud, happy, disappointed, and sad at times, but that’s not what made me — that’s not who I was and that’s not who I am. The world doesn’t get to define you because God already did that.”
Shaken is scheduled to be issued on October 25 by WaterBrook, a Colorado Springs-based publisher that specializes in Christian books.

Disclosure: WaterBrook also published Pickin' Up the Pieces: The Heart and Soul of Country Rock Pioneer Richie Furay, which I co-wrote.

As is clear from the following summary, Shaken doesn't shy away from detailing Tebow's professional football challenges, which began in Denver but certainly didn't end there:
First, he was a beloved college football champion, Heisman trophy winner, media sensation, and best-selling author drafted in the first round of the 2010 Draft. Then he had a miracle playoff run with the Denver Broncos before being traded to the New York Jets. After one season he was cut by New York. Next he was signed by the New England Patriots then let go after training camp — a scenario that repeated itself the following summer with the Philadelphia Eagles. Tim Tebow has achieved big victories and plunged the depths of failure, all while never letting go of his faith, even in the face of doubt and disappointment. In Shaken he explains why neither the highs nor the lows of his life can define him — and he reveals how you, too, can find confidence in your identity and know who you are. In revealing passages, Tebow pulls back the curtain on his life, sharing the vulnerable moments of his career that have shaken him to his core — while also teaching the biblical principles that will enable you to keep the faith, no matter what comes your way.
Unlike his NFL efforts, his work as an author has been a smash. His previous tome, Through My Eyes, was both the best-selling sports book and the number-one book about religion published in 2011.

Below, see the Shaken cover, followed by Waterbrook's announcement of its impending publication.

WaterBrook release:
Tim Tebow to Publish New Book This Fall

Colorado Springs, Colorado — Tim Tebow has reached agreement with WaterBrook, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, to author a new book scheduled for publication on October 25, 2016. Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life’s Storms combines never-before-told, personal stories from Tebow’s football experience and life with biblical teaching on anchoring identity and self-worth. As part of the agreement, WaterBrook will create a companion video Bible study and other products.

The book deal was announced today by Tina Constable, Senior Vice President, WaterBrook. Alexander Field, Vice President, Publisher, WaterBrook, acquired world rights to the work in print and digital formats from Esther Fedorkevich of The Fedd Agency. Bruce Nygren, Senior Editor, and Andrew Stoddard, Editor, will serve as editors for the products in the deal.

The very public highs and lows of Tebow’s college and professional football career have given him a unique perspective on what it means to maintain a sense of self when your dreams do not go as planned. With compelling honesty, Tebow writes about how others have tried to define him by his circumstances and how, through it all, he has used these opportunities to grow in the understanding that identity comes from God alone.

Tebow writes in the book, “Was my identity found in those highs when we were making a playoff run? No. Was my identity found a year later when I was being let go? No. I was excited, proud, happy, disappointed, and sad at times, but that’s not what made me — that’s not who I was and that’s not who I am. The world doesn’t get to define you because God already did that.”

“I am so excited about this book,” said Tebow. “I have the opportunity to share about some highs. But I also have the opportunity to share about some lows, and be vulnerable, and pull back the curtain a little bit. I will be able to give people a glimpse at what happens when you fall short. What happens when you don’t reach your dreams? What do you hold onto? Who do you hold onto?”

“Tim has such a profound and inspiring message for anyone who has faced any sort of disappointment in their lives — which is every one of us,” said Alex Field. “Because of that, we’re thrilled to launch this new work with Tim this fall. He will share about how he faced everything in his career all while remaining anchored in God. We know this book is going to encourage many, many people!”

In the three years since Tebow departed from the NFL, he has continued to have a prominent public profile. According to a recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, Tebow was ranked the fifth most popular NFL quarterback in 2016. In February 2016, The Tim Tebow Foundation, along with 200 churches across 48 states and in seven countries, hosted “A Night to Shine” giving 32,000 people with special needs and 70,000 volunteers an amazing prom night experience. This summer Tebow is co-hosting the FOX television program “Home Free” with home renovation TV Star Mike Holmes (Holmes on Homes®).


Tim Tebow is a two-time national champion, first round NFL draft pick and Heisman Trophy winner. Tebow is co-hosting the second season of the FOX program “Home Free” with home renovation TV Star Mike Holmes (Holmes on Homes®), starting June 16, 2016. In addition, he is a college football analyst for the SEC Network, which launched in August 2014. He appears mainly on the SEC Network as co-host of SEC Nation, a traveling pre-game show. Tebow also contributes to a variety of ESPN platforms including SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, and the network’s Heisman Trophy coverage, offering in-depth perspective as a legendary SEC player himself. Prior to joining the SEC Network, Tebow played three years in the NFL for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets. In 2011, Tebow was the first quarterback featured in ESPN’s “Year of the Quarterback” series. He later published Through My Eyes, which was named the #1 sports book of 2011 and the best-selling religion book of 2011.

Tebow grew up the son of missionaries, and even after moving to Florida as a child, he returned to the Philippines as a teenager to serve the needy. He carried that calling with him to the University of Florida, where in addition to leading the Gators to two national championships, and winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007, he devoted himself to charity — raising money for pediatric cancer patients and disadvantaged children. In 2010, he started the Tim Tebow Foundation to bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.

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