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Reader: Unsafe pedestrians contributing to fatal car accidents

When we shared yesterday's post about the arrest of Oswaldo Lopez after a fatal hit and run that killed an eleven-year-old boy Sunday night, we asked why so many incidents like this one have been happening of late. We got a variety of responses, with this one standing out because it focuses on pedestrians, not drivers.

Daisy Rothschild writes:

I see daily, many people of all ages, crossing very busy streets not at crosswalks...when visibility is poor, or its night, walking or running between lanes of cars, or worse, in front of buses after people get off the bus. Can't tell you how many times this last week I've seen this happen, sometimes within feet of an intersection. Also wearing dark clothing. If you have kids, encourage them not to do this! I've seen a lot of teens cross Parker road near the schools, or close to shopping centers on Miss. Perhaps good idea to wear bright jacket or reflectors. Don't know if that's a contributing factor in this case, but I've seen some close calls.

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