Tim Tebow.
Tim Tebow.
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Reader: Want Tim Tebow Back in Denver? Then You Don't Deserve Peyton Manning

After the Broncos defeated the Baltimore Ravens in what ESPN commentator Mike Greenberg accurately described as a "slugfest," Twitter exploded.

And not with compliments for Peyton Manning.

The ugly performance by Manning during his first regular-season game under new coach Gary Kubiak caused many viewers to declare him done — and some even pined for the return of Tim Tebow.

A similar range of reactions popped up on our top twenty tweets about the game.

Take this reader, who's decidedly pro-Manning and anti-Tebow.

Brian Batrowny writes:

Can't wait for Peyton to leave Denver. You don't deserve him. You will be trash the day he leaves. I guess you forgot about how bad Tim really is.


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