Reader: Weird Neighbors Plunged Me Into Bedbug Hell

Melanie Asmar's recent post asking how much landlords need to tell tenants about bedbugs inspired many commenters to share their own battles with the invidious pests.

Many of them qualify as domestic horror stories.

This one is a prime example.

Here's what happened.

Kelly Mershon writes: 

I lived at Dayton Place apts. for 2 years with no issues. New weird tenants moved in next door. Hardly ever saw them, never had their blinds open at all. One day I came home to a dirty mattress in the hall in front of their door. Told management and they just said ok. A week later ,I was waking up with welts all over my arms and legs. I checked my mattress and saw nothing then checked my box spring and tney were everywhere. If you get them you have to bag up everything you own and heat treat it to suffocate them. Then you have to wipe it all down with bleach. You have to wash all your clothes in hot water and dry them on high heat. I lost over half my wardrobe from this. I called a company to come get my bed that disposed of it properly and bought a new one, but slept on my couch till I moved. Worst experience of my life. Cost me $1500 + to deal and the apartments tried to say maybe I brought them after I reported the mattress. I don't wish on my worst enemy this to deal with.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.