Reader: Welcome People to Colorado, Because This Isn't Nazi Germany
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Reader: Welcome People to Colorado, Because This Isn't Nazi Germany

One of the subjects that fires our readers' passions involves whether or not Colorado is getting too crowded due to the influx of newcomers drawn to experience the wonders of our great state for themselves.

In a recent Comment of the Day, a reader dismissed the debate by saying he didn't care who was a native or a transplant.

Although he used more colorful language when he did.

His take inspired hundreds of readers to weigh in as well. Here's the opinion of someone offended by anyone who would consider rolling up the welcome mat.

Tom Valle writes:

I am a Colorado native born and raised here. I am 68, married to a lady from Michigan who has every right to live here. That is why I fought in Viet Nam, a combat vet, Colorado is part of the United States of America. Any citizen has the right to live wherever they want, period. I as an American decorated war hero am ashamed of my fellow Colorado natives not to welcome people to our state. This is not Nazi Germany it's the state of Colorado, part of the United States of America. I will sum this up in one word for the idiots: Freedom.

Send your story tips to the author, Michael Roberts.For more memorable takes, visit our Comment of the Day archive.

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