Reader: What is everyone's problem with Californians? Get over it!

Don't Californicate Colorado! That was a popular bumpersticker years ago, and this state's residents -- particularly those who moved to Colorado relatively recently, perhaps even from the Golden State -- still seem stuck on the saying. But as they leap to defend Colorado from a commenter who thinks Denver "sucks elephant balls," they should be careful not to jump on California, cautions another reader.

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Says ericakrysteen:

What is everyone's problem with Californians? Seriously? Californians make up a lot of the transplant numbers, which means we help with Colorado's economy. This country is a melting pot, which means EVERY state has transplants. Get over it and stop worrying about nothing.

I've been here for almost ten years and the hateful looks I get from "natives" when I tell them I'm from California is literally the worst part about this state. This place is beautiful -- of course people are going to come here. I wasn't planning on staying, but I fell in love with this place.

Stop complaining, and appreciate what you have. I may be California-grown but there is a reason why I planted my feet in Denver soil.

And while you're at it, stop singling out Texans, too.

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