Reader's Coy Mathis take: If your kid wants to be a duck, should you raise him as a duck?

Our latest update on Coy Mathis, a six year old who was born male but identifies as female, and the civil rights complaint filed by a national transgender advocacy organization over restroom access, drew strong reactions.

Here's an example from a highly critical reader.

kiddingme writes:

When my brother was 4 he wanted to be a duck, when he was 6 he wanted to be a rabbit. This is insanity. Here's the thing, Mathis adults: your kids can't have everything they want. Huge life lesson. You have a penis, you're a boy, boys pee here. Done. You can make sex identity decisions when you're in your teens. This country has gone insane when it comes to child-rearing. This kid will be cheated of a normal childhood because of this craziness.

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