Readers: Low-Wage Workers Don't Deserve Your Hipster Derision
Courtesy People of Walmart

Readers: Low-Wage Workers Don't Deserve Your Hipster Derision

People are divided over Walmart -- and they're just as divided over our People of Walmart, 2015 Edition, which Michael Roberts posted last week.

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Says Andrea Mérida:

Enough of the classism. Low-wage workers and others on fixed incomes don't deserve your hipster derision.

But then there's this from Desmond:

Oh, cry me a river. There's nothing "classist" about mocking others for almost completely eschewing basic hygiene and wearing clothes 2-3 sizes too small. Even much of the homeless have more dignity than these featured creatures. Poverty is no excuse for being a total slob and/or acting a complete clown. Now pull up your pants!

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