Readers React to Michael Floorwax Announcing He Won't Return to 103.5 The Fox

Michael Floorwax's announcement

yesterday that he will

not be returning to 103.5 The Fox

, where he'd served as a morning-drive host for 24 years, due to health problems, prompted a big response from readers. Naysayers were outweighed by warm wishes from fans. Here's a sampling.

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kintenders writes:

Man this one hurts. I learned a lot from these guys, even spent some time on the show. Positive vibes your way WAX-E-LOU.

Ev Ev Ev writes:

Feel better Floorwax! Good luck with your recovery! Stay positive!

Peggy Stevenson Puetz writes:

Very sad, hopefully he can regain his health soon. :(

medkota writes:

First the KIMN chicken doll, then Dean and Rog, Hal and Charlie, Paxton Mills, and now Floorwax. The beat goes on.

yourockwell writes:



So long, Wax. Radio won't be the same without ya.

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