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Reader: Vote Gardner Out and Take His Health Care Away

Reader: Vote Gardner Out and Take His Health Care Away
Brandon Marshall
After protesters took to Senator Cory Gardner's office last week to protest his involvement in the American Health Care Act, the Republicans' proposed replacement for Obamacare, readers had plenty to say about the Colorado senator and health-care policy in general. Writes Janice:

Vote Gardner out and take his health care away to boot. Idiot.
Gene adds:

Show of hands: If you didn't have employer insurance before ACA and were happy with your policy, raise your hand.
And then there's this from Doug:

By now Senator Cory Gardner should understand that the Republican healthcare bill is a betrayal of millions of Americans who have coverage under Obamacare. The bill is undeserving of his support. He was not elected to protect corporations which spend hundreds of millions financing campaigns and lobbying lawmakers. He should work with Democrats to take the profiteering out of the equation. Our situation in not normal. 34 out of 35 developed nations have some form of universal health care. This means that Senator Gardner has 34 functioning models to study, adapt and modify in order to normalize America's healthcare situation. It's time for Senator Gardner to demonstrate his independence from the Cult of Conservatism. We don't want dozens of unfamiliar new types of policies pitched to us by greedy salesmen. We don't want an expanded individual market; we just want health care. I don't expect Senator Gardner to abandon his free-market ideals; just to acknowledge that there are some things that the free market can't and shouldn't do; that providing universal healthcare is one of the things that governments all over the world normally do for their citizens.

Keep reading for more coverage of health-care protests in recent days.

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