Readers weigh in on the St. Anthony redevelopment site

"High-Rise Anxiety," Alan Prendergast," February 27

Shadow Government

Thank you for keeping an eye on the administration of Michael Hancock. The Sloan's Lake neighborhood is not the first one to complain that the mayor is ignoring its concerns. Remember this in May 2015, when we'll vote again for mayor of Denver.
Julie Parker

Does anyone else in Denver worry about what increased density is doing to our quality of life? In many areas of town, residents not only have to fight for the right to park in their neighborhoods, but sometimes they have trouble even getting to those neighborhoods. When is enough enough?
Hank Mitchell

From Alan Prendergast's story: "'The vast majority of people who took the time to participate in the public process had serious concerns about the height and the lack of open space,' says Marie Benedix, one of the organizers of the petition drive. 'And no one is listening.'"

Open space? There is a giant park next door. Sounds to me like Ms. Benedix would be happier living in Highlands Ranch. Sloan's Lake is very much in the city of Denver. You should expect density and a variety of living formats in your neighborhood. It's kind of the point.
John Stanton
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Oh, no: Depending on the time of day, the parking lot at Sloan's Lake across the street on 17th Avenue will be in the shade...oh, the humanity.

I sure hope Frodo comes and destroys these towers of Mordor to save us from these evil people trying to build housing to keep up with the growing demand in Denver.

Thank you, Westword, for showing the public this Tolkienesque struggle against our evil developer overlords.
Yellow Journalism
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"State of the Arts," Susan Froyd, February 20

Home Is Where the Art Is

What a great job Susan Froyd did with "State of the Arts," and all the writers and contributors in putting the 2014 Now Showing together for that same issue! We know there is so much talent in Denver, and you think you stay on top of it — but you can't. So where would we be without Westword?

Particularly love the duo-artist team of Mark Sink/Kristen Hatgi Sink's floral imagery. Although not a new concept in imposing nature on the human figure, Kristen's rendering is exceptionally beautiful, and it's wonderful to see this projected nature on the body taking off (!) and being recognized in photography circles.

Denver just keeps exposing its heart in art and music!
Jude DeLorca

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