Readers Weigh In on the VA and Five Points

"Tell No One," Alan Prendergast, January 15

All Vets Are Off

I am sickened about the VA's treatment of these employees. Every vet and employee should be ashamed of our so-called government. I guarantee that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Heads need to roll. People like Wade get away with this because the government is allowing it to happen. They had a moment to be the good guy and instead chose to be exactly what we expected.
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The VA certainly isn't the only agency that knows how to cover up, but it takes a larger organizational "behavior" to take part in this type of activity. Much of the "cover-up" seems to be taking place from within the HR department at this location.

Take, for instance, what Jason Douglas is accused of saying: "Administrators weren't inclined to accept the women's accounts at face value," and supposedly threatening employees to keep their mouths shut or be terminated. Wow! If that's true, who says that and gets away with it these days? Is this guy really in HR — and if so, why? Clearly those are statements from a narcissist who believes he is above the law. What's just as sad is that many of these VA employees are veterans.

People like Wade get away with this due to the "help" of people like Douglas, and this OIG. Careful what you say, Mr. Douglas — and always remember that your words about being "monitored" at work. Your time is near. Shame.
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Douglas is not a veteran and most of those in these high-profile jobs are not! They cannot even relate to the veteran. This is why the veterans who we promised to take care of are not being taken care of. It's a very sad situation, but as long as our government is ignoring these situations our veterans will continue to suffer! So very, very wrong!
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Editor's note: Jason Douglas was misidentified in the print version of "Tell No One." He is a VA human resources official, not the regional director of HR for the VA; our apologies for the error. Read more comments on Alan Prendergast's story at the end of the online version at

"All That Jazz,"Jamie Siebrase, January 8

Get the Point?

Look out, Five Points. You're about to be overrun.
Mark Herzfeld

This is not progress. Overpriced apartments and bro bars do nothing for the longtime residents of Five Points. Exclusive hotels and restaurants do nothing for Five Points. All of this only does stuff for the rich white slapjobs who have taken over the neighborhood. People are being pushed out of their homes. It's ugly.
Bob Dobbs
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