Readers weigh in on what should be done with the Aurora Century 16

Yesterday's post about changes made (or not made) at ten massacre sites was inspired by a survey asking what should be done with the Aurora Century 16, where James Holmes allegedly killed twelve people.

Here are some reader suggestions for the theater's future.

Patty Leidy writes:

Aw keep it open.

Brittany Kern writes:

Keep it open but turn theater 9 into a memorial and have it a special place of remembrance and let people enjoy Batman clips from all the movies showing all the time in there! The victims were there enjoying one of their favorite super hero. Let that super hero be a part of that theater.

Deidre Jones writes:

Chuck it an fuck it, take the shit down and MOVE ON.

Crystal Niedzwiadek writes:

Why does my opinion matter? The owners should make the decision because they own it. American freedoms are awesome. And whatever they decide -- it's not for us to judge.

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