Real Tired of Real World

Wednesday night MTV desperately scraped the resin from their Real World Denver crack pipe and aired the final, final, final few snippets of tripe remaining in their air-proof, secret underground vaults. The show was called “The Shit You Should Have Seen” or something like that but I really wouldn’t know because I’ve just stopped fucking caring and I’ve moved on to those re-released episodes of “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” I find Bradley Whitford adorable and fat, off-the-cocaine-Chandler positively eye-catching.

But that doesn’t meant that the comment war on our website in response to what I wrote about the Real World Denver crew has ceased. On the contrary, it has spread to other sites! The Denver Post’s site dedicated to the utter inanity of these assholes, picked up my column and ran it and it sparked a comment battle there as well. People say I was alternately a hateful prick or just saying what everybody was thinking, Eminem-style. And they were all right. A little birdie also told me that oftentimes friends of the cast-members will write comments on sites such as this defending their reality television buddies. Way to go, BFF! Check out the mud-slinging here. --Adam Cayton-Holland

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Crystal Preston-Watson