Rebecca Ward after drunkenly crashing into three cars: "I am so f*cked"

Sometimes one sentence sums up a situation perfectly -- and Rebecca Ward, a nineteen-year-old from London, reportedly uttered it after careening into not one, not two, but three cars in a wild, sparks-filled series of crashes in Boulder.

That phrase? "I am so fucked."

According to the Boulder Police Department arrest report, on view below in its entirety, an officer was called to a location near 11th Street and Cascade Avenue just shy of 3 a.m. on August 24. He was soon directed to skid marks that he was able to follow for blocks -- and they led him to three damaged vehicles, as well as an extra tire and other assorted car parts that belonged to a fourth car, a Volvo. Ward was found standing beside it, looking blitzed.

What happened? A witness says he was sitting on his patio when he heard screeching, and soon spotted the Volvo spitting sparks -- the wheel was already gone, but that hadn't stopped Ward from still driving the car. When the vehicle finally came to rest, having already done its damage, another person on the scene, Scott Levine, raced toward the Volvo and was surprised to discover that he knew the person inside: Ward. He quickly took the keys from her and yelled, "Why were you trying to drive?"

Good question -- one Ward's "I am so fucked" line, overheard by another witness, effectively answers.

Yes, she was drunk. But that's not all. According to the report, she told officers that in addition to downing a number of shots at a party (activity that tends to make her a bit "fuzzy," she conceded), she'd also taken a Lunesta a few hours earlier. No wonder she failed to satisfactorily perform roadside maneuvers and didn't even understand the difference between an alcohol breath test and a blood test until it was explained to her twice. Around ninety minutes after the crash, she still managed to register a blood-alcohol content of .181, around double the legal limit.

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Ward repeatedly said that she was "in trouble," and she's right. She was booked on suspicion of DUI, underage possession of alcohol, careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident -- several times. Look below to get a better look at her booking photo, as well as the aforementioned police report, which can also be accessed by clicking here.

Rebecca Ward arrest report

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