Remember when the Broncos were good? Davis, Atwater and Mecklenburg nominated for HOF

Denver Broncos fans got a little jolt of reality this morning when they found out that three players from the Super Bowl years had been nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Running back Terrell Davis, safety Steve Atwater and linebacker Karl Mecklenburg all made the list of 26 semifinalists for the class of 2012. And there's nothing like memories of those years to remind us of when the Broncos were actually good -- and we fans weren't so beat up by terrible teams that we are now content just to watch an exciting game, regardless of whether we win.

The news comes just a day after the Broncos released quarterback Kyle Orton, an odd mid-season move that brings up many questions about the future of the team.

But at least the past is more certain. Hopefully at least one of the three nominated Broncos will make the Hall of Fame; it would certainly be overdue recognition for Atwater and Mecklenburg, who both helped redefine their positions.

The 26 semifinalists will be whittled down to fifteen next month; the final results will be announced on February 4, a day before the Super Bowl.

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