Renters Grade Denver: What Got an A-? And What Got a D?

In recent years, renters in Denver have complained about high costs — and even though prices have moderated during the past twelve months or so, that doesn't seem to be the case for either the cheapest or most expensive neighborhoods to rent a one-bedroom apartment.

But what do renters think of the city itself?

Apartment List recently set out to answer that question for Denver and 130 other communities across the country. The site has just released results from its second-annual United States Renter Confidence Survey, based on responses from more than 30,000 renters nationwide.

Overall, Denver fared pretty well with participants, notes Andrew Woo, Apartment List's director of data science.

"Denver renters expressed great satisfaction with the city overall," reveals Woo, corresponding via e-mail. "However, ratings varied greatly across different categories, indicating that even though renters love the Mile High City, some things can be better" — including one classification in which correspondents gave Denver a D.

Continue to check out photo-illustrated grades in ten separate categories, as well as an overall-satisfaction score. For comparison purposes, we've also included grades from last year's survey in six categories — four new ones were added this year — and as you'll see, a few have fallen a bit from 2015 to 2016. That's followed by a Q&A with Woo in which he drills down into the results, opining on areas in which Denver excelled — the city earned an A- in two categories — and those rated mediocre or worse. Click to see Apartment List's complete Denver Renter Confidence Survey.

Jobs and career opportunities:

2016 grade: B+
2015 grade: A-

Quality of schools:

2016 grade: C-
2015 grade: B-

State and local taxes:

2016 grade: B
2015 grade: B


2016 grade: B+
2015 grade: N/A

Recreational activities:

2016 grade: A-
2015 grade: A

Safety and crime rate:

2016 grade: B
2015 grade: A-

Continue for more renter's survey grades of Denver, including the category graded with a D, plus a deep dive into the results.

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