Report: Hep-C passer Kristen Parker to plead guilty

Channel 4's report that Kristen Parker will plead guilty to charges against her won't go down as the shock of the century. Back in July, after all, she confessed to swiping drugs while working as a surgery tech at Rose Medical Center, where she's said to have infected more than a score of patients with hepatitis C. (See "Going Viral," Alan Prendergast's recent feature about some of the victims, to learn more.) Her most memorable line at the time?"I know, I fucked up."

That Parker waited to make this move until the eve of her trial no doubt reflects her desire to get the best deal she can. But while the details haven't been officially announced, no one expects her to receive a mere slap on her possibly scabbed-over wrist. She's been portrayed as Denver's own modern version of Typhoid Mary, and too friendly an arrangement would no doubt cause a deafening uproar prosecutors would prefer to ignore.

On her now defunct MySpace page, Parker boasted about her love of needles, reflected in her plentiful body art. Below, check out the tattoos she'll soon be showing off to a whole new audience, as well as a couple of other notable photos from happier times:

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