Report: Hillary Clinton Billed by Denver Firm Connected to E-mail Controversy

Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders may be sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton's damned e-mails, as he memorably announced during a recent debate — but the controversy shows no signs of going away.

That's especially true in light of a new Complete Colorado report detailing documents that appear to show that the Denver company that hosted the private e-mail server set up by Clinton while she was Secretary of State has billed her "at least $44,000 dollars, and possibly tens of thousands more" for legal and public relations services related to the kerfuffle.

The Clinton connection to Platte River Networks, located at 5700 Washington Street, was initially revealed several months back.

However, Complete Colorado's Todd Shepherd is the first to obtain documents that suggest the company wants to be compensated after being dragged into the long-running story.

Shepherd's investigation features numerous documents.

Among the most interesting is a September 16 invoice addressed to Marcum LLP, which he describes as "the accountant for the Clintons.

"Line items appear to show a minimum of $25,000 in reimbursements from the Clintons for legal expenses and $19,000 in public relations help," Shepherd writes.

Here's that page:

There's much more to Shepherd's story. To access it, click here.

Of course, the question remains: Does Clinton's use of a private e-mail server during her time as Secretary of State qualify as a major scandal or a distraction that's being perpetuated by her conservative opponents?

You can draw your own conclusions about that.

However, it seems clear that Platte River Networks has paid plenty as a result of the controversy — and it's looking for recompense.

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