Report: Teens Brendan Johnson and Cassie Rieb burned, tried to dismember his grandma's body

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Original post, 5:52 p.m. June 4: "The first rule of fight club, is meow, meow, meow. kitty kitty."

The line above is the most recent post shared on Facebook by nineteen-year-old Brendan Johnson. Two days later, Johnson called police about the death of his grandfather, Charles Severance, in his hometown of Sterling -- and his grandmother, Shirley Severance, was soon reported missing. Now, Johnson and his girlfriend, eighteen-year-old Cassandra Rieb, have been accused of killing the pair, with Shirley's remains having been found in two separate locations.

There's nothing particularly unusual about the Facebook pages of Rieb and Johnson. Hers includes a number of self-portraits like this one.... a few pretty landscapes and a February post announcing that she'd been hired as a cashier at Walmart.

His, meanwhile, sports pics like this one.... well as assorted family snapshots and some memes. Here's an example of the latter: Like Rieb, Johnson, too, lists himself as a Walmart employee.

As for Charles and Shirley, both seventy, neighbors who spoke with 7News describe them simply as a nice older couple quietly living out their golden years.

But something went terribly wrong.

Continue for more about the murder arrests of Brendan Johnson and Cassandra Rieb, including additional photos and a video.
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