Top Eight Resolutions for the Broncos Next Season

Top Eight Resolutions for the Broncos Next Season (2)
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Let’s face it: The Broncos had a tough year, and so did fans. With their first losing season since the McDaniels debacle — a tenure so brief and disastrous that it’s tough to rightly call it an “era,” the 2017 Broncos failed despite a strong roster of both experienced and up-and-coming talent. Was it Vance Joseph? Was it the loss of Wade Phillips? Was it just Elway stumbling?

Whatever the case, it’s clear that the team needs a serious resetting. We’re in a rebuilding era now, whether we want to be or not. So we talked with Superfan Dan to discuss the resolutions that the team needs to make in order to become strong as it moves into 2018...and mercifully leave this season behind.

8. Admit There’s a Problem

It’s the first step to solving any situation — and a necessary one for the team if it really wants to move forward quickly. Saying “we just didn’t get it done today” is fine for the few minutes post-game in the locker room, but admitting that there’s something systemic that isn’t working will take fortitude and humility and hard decisions. And it’s where the Broncos have to start in the off-season.

7. Commit to Vance Joseph One Way or Another

A lot of fans are calling for Joseph’s dismissal, and they might be right. So far, Elway’s been reluctant to put the blame for the season at Vance’s feet, but clearly the 2017 record and the ability of the coach are somewhat (inextricably) linked. If we’re in the market for a new coach, let’s get on with it quickly. But if we’re going to give Vance Joseph another season, then let the man coach. Give him unfettered control of the game. Sink-or-swim time.

6. Same With Our Offense

Are we a run-first offense? Then let’s do that, and build our offense with that in mind. But supposedly our playbook was more complicated this year than it was with Peyton Manning — a smart, experienced leader on the field. With an inexperienced and increasingly demoralized QB roster, that’s just ridiculous. Get back to basics; consistency is key.

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