Rest of the Best of Denver 2015 — and Kyle Clark's "Job Well Done"

The Best of Denver 2015, which hit the streets last week, has already disappeared from more than 2,000 racks and newsstands around town.

But it lives on at Westword.com, where you'll find everything from our Best Guess for When the Broncos Return to the Super Bowl (we, like the readers, offered an optimistic “2016”) to the Best Underground Dance Parties to the Best Anchor.

That award went to 9News's Kyle Clark (again, both Westword writers and readers agreed on this answer), who so appreciated the honor that he responded with this on his Facebook page

“Here's an idea... it's so nice when someone unexpectedly tells you that you're doing a good job. About 12,500 people are connected with this page. What if each of us went out and told one person when we see them doing a great job? It could be your waiter, your bus driver or a stay-at-home parent you know. So that's my challenge to you... go surprise someone with a 'Job well done!' Please post a comment about a recent time you've done this so they get some public kudos! If they're anything like me, it'll make their day!”

People and places that won Best of Denver awards get more than the words “job well done,” though: They receive a certificate documenting their win.

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Like the awards themselves, these certificates are given free of charge — no strings attached. (Fair warning: Winners are frequently contacted by companies that want them to buy banners, plaques and more commemorating their Best of Denver wins. These deals have absolutely no connection with Westword.)

We're in the process of making these certificates now; you can contact editorial@westword.com or call Cindy Perez at 303-296-7744 to arrange for pick-up.

And while we're tidying up a few loose ends, we need to note that our Best Comedy Open Mike award became obsolete even as the edition was on the press. The plug has been pulled on that event at Matchbox.

And the Readers' Choice for Best Dance Club is about to disappear, too: Beauty Bar will close next week, to be replaced by a new concept....which might very well be eligible for Best New Club in the Best of Denver 2016.

Watch for it next March, not long after the Broncos grab that Super Bowl victory....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.