Richard Mastic busted for assault with deadly weapon (his foot) during "wrestling moves"

Wrestling -- the real kind, not Hulk Hogan-style dramatics -- can be a dangerous sport. But what's even riskier? Drunk wrestling.

That's the argument made by a police report about the arrest of Richard Mastic, age 27, who was taken into custody on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon -- his foot -- after a boozy wrestling demonstration.

According to Mastic's Facebook page, he's the CEO and founder of Ecosyste.ms, described as a consulting service that "provides mobile and web-based tools that enable clients to measure and improve social, environmental, and economic sustainability." The firm's office is on Pearl Street in a space shared with two brothers, Elliot and Eric Rodstein.

On the evening of October 28, a report from the Boulder Police Department says, Mastic and the Rodsteins went out drinking at a brewery -- and at some point, Mastic began talking about having been a wrestler in his younger days, and how he was currently serving as a coach.

This topic came up again back at the office, Elliot told cops, with Mastic demonstrating some wrestling moves. Elliot reacted by trying to defend himself, which he said made Mastic angry. As things began to get out of control, Eric tried to intervene in an effort to calm Mastic down -- but no go. He said Mastic punched Elliot in the face and then attacked Eric, slugging him to the ground and then kicking him in the mug -- at which point Elliot ran outside and convinced a passerby to call the police.

Mastic's take? He told police Elliot had tackled him -- and that when he'd asked him why, Elliot had responded, "Because you asked me to tackle you." When the officer asked Mastic if that was the case, he replied, "I'm not sure." At that point, Mastic said he wrestled away from Elliot only to be kicked in the face by Eric, who said he'd done so because Mastic tackled his brother. This admittedly made Mastic angry, so he tackled Eric, who smacked his head on the floor in the process. Then, after Elliot ran for help, Mastic said he started to write a note about what happened.

One flaw in Mastic's version: The police said his face showed no sign of having been kicked. In contrast, Eric had a large cut on his upper left lip, and the lower part of his left eye was severely swollen; he was transported to a local hospital. Elliot, too, had a swollen lip -- and like Mastic, he was very intoxicated.

The result: Mastic was booked for assault in the first degree for causing serious bodily injury to Eric using that deadly foot of his, and assault in the third degree in regard to Elliot.

Let that be a lesson to you: If you're going to demonstrate wrestling moves, do it sober.

Look below to see the complete police report.

Richard Mastic Arrest Report

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