Ride the Rockies announces new route due to High Park fire

The massive High Park fire has forced the annual Ride the Rockies bike tour to alter the path to its final destination. The bike tour will still end at at Odell Brewing Company in Fort Collins as planned, but officials announced this morning that the cyclists will have to take a different route to get there to avoid roads that were shut down because of the fire.

The route for Friday will begin in Estes Park, but cyclists will now travel further east before heading north to Fort Collins, the Denver Post, which organizes the ride, announced in a release this morning.

"This new route allows us to end at our original finish line without taking city or county resources away from the important work of fighting the fire," Ride The Rockies Tour Director Chandler Smith said in a statement.

Additionally, cyclists will have the option of being shuttled into Fort Collins for the last leg of the tour, due to concerns about air quality.

The annual ride began in Gunnison on Sunday. Cyclists have pedaled through Hotchkiss, Carbondale, Leadville and Granby. Today, they will travel to Estes Park by way of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Ride the Rockies takes about 2,000 cyclists on a week-long tour each June.

Here's the route, with the revisions in italics:

• Depart Estes Park High School

• Go west on Manford Avenue

• Northwest on CO 7/St. Vrain Avenue

• North on Wonderview Avenue/US 34

• North on MacGregor Avenue/CR 43

• East on Devils Gulch Road via Glen Haven

• East on US 34

North on Wilson Avenue

East on 50th Street

North on North Taft Avenue which becomes South Shields Street

East on West Laurel Street

North on South Loomis Avenue

East on West Mountain Avenue which becomes Lincoln Avenue

• Finishing at Odell Brewing Company

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