Riding the 15: Ankle Bracelets and a SWAT Team

“Yeah, I need some money, I got a warrant out.”

Sentences like that are, for some reason, never uttered quietly. I’m always amazed by this, because I wouldn’t want everyone around me to know about my warrant (don’t worry, I took care of it.) I suppose in the context of 15 ridership, they may feel like they’re among people who understand.

On this subject, I’ve seen a fair amount of ankle tracking bracelets. These are not bracelets that inform the wearer of the location of their ankle (though this is an intriguing idea worth exploring), but, as far as I know, they inform The Man about the location of the wearer. I’m assuming that’s what they are, unless it has recently become cool to strap garage door openers to your leg. Anyway, the surprising thing about this is that people seem to be. . .

As I write this, on board the 15, somebody yells out, “Oh fuck, they got a SWAT team out!” Sure enough, in the glorious world of east Colfax, there we have one.

. . . wearing them as fashion accessories. Frequently the judicial-system fashionista will be wearing shorts, or have them awkwardly strapped over their pant legs. I suppose I can understand some sort of the machismo-based glory in being a criminal and law-breaker, but a tracker to me merely advertises that you were dumb enough to get caught. Upon reflection, though, I realize that I have no idea how many people are actually wearing them underneath their pant legs. -- Ryan Honaker Ryan Honaker rides the 15 bus every day on his way to and from school, where he studies microbiology.

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