Reader: Let's Keep Low-Rent Neighborhoods Shitty!

Reader: Let's Keep Low-Rent Neighborhoods Shitty!
Brandon Marshall
Between a festival that's overtaking the neighborhood this weekend, a liquor store that's holding on despite it all, and the ever-continuing debates over newcomers vs. natives and gentrification, RiNo generates a lot of buzz in this city. And commenters have weighed in on recent stories we've written about River North in droves. Writes Bob on Facebook:

Yeah, let's keep low rent neighborhoods shitty! don't make any business investment unless you're a native. Let's make sure these neighborhoods stay poor! Craft beer is for upscale 'hoods only! Would hate to create jobs and slowly better the area...
Kyle responds:

Totally agree! As long as we can keep some affordable housing, I encourage all businesses. The more people walking, shopping and talking will create a sense of community and pride. As long as we can keep corporate chains from dominating our neighborhood, we are safe. I live in Five Points and am a native. This neighborhood has a pulse and is changing, as long as we can get hard-working local people to open businesses and hire people who have heart for what we do, we will be good. It's easy for people to judge, but I rarely see them doing anything to make our neighborhoods better. They might be the same people shopping at Walmart to save a buck rather than shopping in their neighborhood.
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