Robert Dear Ruled Incompetent, Thinks FBI Left Feathers at His House

Fourth Judicial District Chief Judge Gilbert Martinez has found that Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear is incompetent to stand trial for a Colorado Springs clinic attack that killed three people and injured twelve others in November 2015.

Instead, he'll be interred at the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo for reasons that are made abundantly clear in Martinez's competency ruling.

The eight-page document is on view below — but here are some "examples of delusional beliefs held by Mr. Dear" as delineated by Colorado Springs detective Jerry Schiffelbei during previous testimony:

"Obama is the Antichrist."

Dear "has been followed by the FBI since his call in to a radio show concerning Waco, Texas."

"The Holy Spirit spoke to him."

"Alex Jones is a double agent."

"Stephanie, his girlfriend, is working for the Feds."

"The FBI cuts holes in his clothes."

"The FBI would leave feathers in his house."

"Feds send thumping noises when they would come into his house."

"Robin Williams told jokes about Obama and two weeks later he committed suicide."

"Prince Di's death was a professional hit."

"Feds ran his son off the road because they wanted to kill his first born."

No wonder that, as Martinez writes, "The Court finds that the defendant's perceptions and understanding are not rational and are not grounded in reality."

As such, Martinez's ruling adopts a statement from a psychological evaluation of Dear that reads:
Mr. Dear's delusional thinking and subsequent impaired reasoning appeared to be the direct result of serious mental illness that is interfering with his ability to make well-reasoned choices regarding his legal options.... Given the significant length of time that he appears to have been operating under the control of this delusional belief system, his symptoms are highly unlikely to spontaneously remit.

His conclusion: "It is our clinical opinion with a reasonable degree of psychological certainty that Mr. Robert Lewis Dear Jr. does have a mental disability or developmental disability that prevents him from having sufficient understanding in order to assist in the defense or prevents him from having a rational and factual understanding of the criminal proceedings.

"It is therefore our opinion that Mr. Dear is currently incompetent to proceed to adjudication."

Dear's reported reaction to this determination? He called Martinez a "filthy animal" as he was led from the courtroom.

Here's the ruling.

Robert Dear Competency Ruling

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