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Robert Laurencio Montoya: Affidavit for Kayleah Wilson "boyfriend" mentions physical abuse request, possible pregnancy

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Those who'd spent weeks searching for, and praying for, twelve-year-old Kayleah Wilson had barely begun to process her death when news broke that Robert Laurencio Montoya, eighteen, had been charged with sexual assault due to an alleged sexual relationship with the girl that began last October.

Yesterday, just prior to Kayleah's memorial, Montoya appeared in court wearing an orange prison jumpsuit.

Now, the Weld County District Attorney's Office has released an affidavit about the case, and its contents are shocking. Among other assertions: Montoya, who actually lived at the Wilson family home for an extended stretch, said Kayleah, presumably, asked him to physically abuse her and had made comments about "possibly being pregnant."

The document -- to read it in its entirety, click here -- is heavily redacted, owing to Kayleah's status as a juvenile. But the portions that aren't blacked out delve into the details of a highly dubious relationship. Here are some excerpts:

"[Redacted] stated she did confront both Robert Montoya and [redacted] during the first week of January 2010 about the type of relationship they were having. It was at this time Robert Montoya and [redacted] admitted they had been involved in a sexual relationship in the past and currently considered themselves each others respective boyfriend and girlfriend. [Redacted] stated she immediate told Robert Montoya to leave residence and to cease any relationship she had with [redacted]. [Redacted] stated [redacted] was very angry with her but she eventually stopped talking about her relationship with Robert Montoya and seemed to be moving past him. [redacted] did state she found [redacted] and Robert Montoya together again in February 2010 near 2811 28th St. at an abandoned car dealership and she again told Robert Montoya he was not allowed to see [redacted].

During a subsequent interview with Robert Montoya, he did admit to Det. Morgan he had been involved in a sexual relationship with [redacted] up until the middle of February 2010. Robert Montoya admitted to having sex with [redacted] on numerous occasions and stated [redacted] would frequently try and get him to physically abuse her during their sexual encounters. Robert Montoya did deny physically abusing [redacted]. During interviews with [redacted] friends, it was also learned [redacted] had made some comments about possibly being pregnant.

There's more. After the relationship with Kayleah supposedly ended in mid-February -- just six weeks or so before her March 28 disappearance -- Montoya told a detective that he continued to "try and see [redacted] and stated on some occasions he would hide in bushes outside her residence and did attempt to make contact with her at the Brentwood Middle School where [redacted] was a student." Once "when he tried to make contact with [redacted] at the Brentwood Middle School she called him a 'stalker freak' and told him to leave her alone."

Oh yeah: Montoya and his sister had been asked to move in October 2009 by their mother so she could "develop a relationship with Jonas Garcia," who, as a registered sex offender, was precluded from being around children.

Thus far, Montoya has only been charged with sexual assault -- but judging by the affidavit, you can bet local authorities are looking at him closely in regard to plenty more.

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