Robert Laurencio Montoya's MySpace nickname: Devil Nero

An arrest affidavit for Robert Laurencio Montoya is filled with one shock after another regarding his relationship with Kayleah Wilson, the twelve-year-old Greeley girl found dead last week.

And now, it turns out that Montoya's MySpace page, still active at this writing, refers to him as "Devil Nero." His mood at last log-in, May 22: "annoyed."

The affidavit was filled with startling revelations. According to the document, Montoya lived in Wilson's house for an extended stretch, admitted to a sexual relationship with the girl, claimed that Kayleah asked him to physically abuse her during sex (and thought she might be pregnant), and conceded that she had referred to him as a "stalker freak" when he waited for her outside the middle school she attended after their breakup.

The not-very-active MySpace page provides no new details about Kayleah, but it offers a bit more info about Montoya, who appears to be into video games and vampire lore -- neither uncommon pastimes for someone his age.

His page's address refers to "Vampire Lestat," the Anne Rice character; in Interview With a Vampire, the first book in the series, Lestat turns a young girl into a vampire.

In addition, there are references to the games "Nightfall Bloodlines," complete with a section denoting Devil Nero's "achievements" and "powers" -- the latter represented by bared fangs -- and "Vampires." Other games referenced include "Special Forces," "Mobsters," "Overdrive," "YoVille" and "Own Your Friends!" The last game announces that Montoya is worth $1,610 and can be purchased for $1,803.

As for Kayleah, she paid the ultimate price, whether Montoya had anything to do with her death or not.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.