Roller derby kids: Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks junior league to host registration Saturday

A year ago, the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls launched a junior league, the Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks, for girls and boys who didn't want to wait until they were eighteen to kick ass. The first year was phenomenal, reports Rollergirls spokeswoman PJ "Dangerous Leigh A'Zon" Shields -- and now they're gearing up for year two. "Our teenagers got ridiculously good during the winter months. They live up to the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls brand." And that's a high bar.

On Saturday, the Rollerpunks will host registration for the 2011 season at the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Training Center, 5200 Smith Road, from noon to 3 p.m. Girls and boys ages six to eleven, and girls ages twelve to seventeen, are welcome to register. More details, including what to bring on Saturday, can be found here.

Via e-mail, Shields, who is also a Rollerpunks coach, writes, "We are teaching the next generation who won't be bogged down with all the ridiculous impressions of derby from the '70s and '80s. They will never wonder, 'Oh, is it staged?' For these kids, roller derby will have always been a full-contact, competitive sport. That is cool beyond words."

To quote from the invitation:

Anyone can join at any skating level during our open registration period.

Skaters from the 2010 WFTDA Championship League will train you in the ways of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls during sessions... based entirely on RMRG's practices. You will learn skating skills, roller derby rules and strategy, fitness, teamwork, and sportswomanship! The Punks are led by Coach Dangerous Leigh A'zon, Coach TyrANNAsaurus Wrecks, and a team of trainers including licensed teachers. 2011 will include guest trainers from RMRG best skaters.

Punks are the toughest, smartest young skaters around. They train hard and have tons of passion for the world's best sport.

Got what it takes to be part of the BEST LEAGUE IN THE WORLD?

Page down to see photos of the Rollerpunks in action.

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