Rolling Stone contributor and "Block the Vote" co-author Greg Palast fires back at the Denver Post's Susan Greene

BBC journalist Greg Palast in Colorado, in an image from a Rolling Stone video.

Greg Palast, a BBC investigative journalist and co-author (with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.) of "Block the Vote," a damning voting-system story in the October 30 edition of Rolling Stone, isn't shy, as his interview with Westword about alleged voter purges in Colorado makes plain. Among those he criticizes are Susan Greene and Karen Crummy, a pair of Denver Post staffers who wrote "Voter Fraud Probed in State," a March 2005 piece that he referred to as a "biased, fictitious, bullshit press release." Greene and Crummy responded to Palast in a separate blog, with both saying they didn't remember hearing from him, even though he claimed that he'd tried to contact them regarding the piece.

After seeing their comments, Palast responded with a message this morning. "Here's an e-mail I sent Ms. Greene at the Denver [Post] in SEPTEMBER," he writes. "I would appreciate your noting it as she has accused me of malfeasance in my duties for the BBC." He adds, "I [am] not an unkind man: I'm happy to offer her an internship to learn journalism basics. I also called and left messages. AND, I still don't have the answers to my queries to the Denver Post: After the propaganda fluff for the GOP fraud histrionics, how many voters were convicted of fraud?"

Look below to see the e-mail Palast says he sent to Greene. -- Michael Roberts

From: Greg Palast Date: September 3, 2008 4:58:35 PM EDT To: Subject: Vote fraud convictions in Colorado?

Ms. Greene,

I am a reporter on a story for BBC Television looking at voter fraud.

You filed an interesting story 3 years ago:

"Double dippers, felons targeted" [Note: This is the same story as linked above, but it's on a different site with a different address and headline.]

Thursday, March 24, 2005 — "Hundreds of Coloradans are being investigated for voter fraud in the November 2004 election."

Apparently, your newspaper found thousands of illegal voters registering -- and reported on several open investigations and cases. [see below.] I can't find follow-up stories on the number ultimately convicted of voter fraud. Do you have any information on the conviction rate among these thousands?

from your story:

"On Wednesday, an election official told The Denver Post that 81 Denverites voted twice and 52 felons cast ballots.

"Last week, Jefferson County's election department sent 286 cases to its district attorney to investigate. Of those, 30 involved people who attempted to vote twice, and 256 stemmed from ballots bearing suspicious signatures.

"In October, The Post found as many as 6,006 felons who should have been ineligible to vote were registered to do so in Colorado."


Greg Palast

Greg Palast's investigative reports can be seen on BBC Television Newsnight.

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